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What Is A Clipframe?

WEST BARNES ENTERPRISES have been trading in the field of PICTURE FRAMES for 27 years. So we know the business, and recognise a good product when we see one. The CLIPFRAMES that we offer on this site are from a reputable European source, well priced and effective.

[Clipframe in pack]

Clipframes are transported in expanded polystyrene trays

  [Clipframe unpacked]

No border to divert attention from the work

They comprise a sandwich of glass or styrene and a back of hardboard, held together by silvered metal clips, which sit into precut slots to the back of the board. The larger sizes from 50 x 40 cms up have preset hangers set for landscape or portrait use. The smaller sizes are hung from a pin in the wall engaging within the central metal clip. DO NOT HANG BY CORDING FROM CLIP TO CLIP. This can have the effect of pulling the clip from its slot.

CLIPFRAMES are effective in all forms of display, for posters, certificates, all artworks and particularly where frequent changing and updating are required. They never divert attention from the work.

[Reverse of clipframe]

The clips sit into precut slots in the board

  [Clipframe unpacked]

Silvered metal clips hold front and back firmly together

To enable delivery by carrier, in the larger sizes we only offer styrene. We think that this is the most practical anyway for public areas, schools, bedrooms etc. If, however, glass is preferred, this we will supply, but only in our own van delivery area (which includes the area within the M25 and approximately a ten mile area outside it).


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Last update: 25th July 2001